Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tales from Farpoint (part 4)

I had been waiting to try a new mission I have been working on, hoping to have a few players with a little Solar Echoes experience. I was joined by one of the players from the first game that day, and another player who has enjoyed Solar Echoes at a number of different conventions, and they both agreed they'd like to try it out and be my “beta testers.” So, I began the Heist Stratagem, a new mission I'll be releasing this weekend that focuses on the team playing undercover civilians in a bank. The team has been assigned this mission because the bank is owned by a Krissethi mafia, and the Union Guard wants some of the data on their isolated servers. However, the UG has been unsuccessful getting any agents hired to work at the bank and so they have embedded another undercover agent in a local gang, and he has planned a bank heist with the gang. The time of the heist is secretly conveyed to the UG so the players' team can be in place and operate during the distraction of the heist. The second part of the mission, after they've achieved their objective, is to sabotage the heist and get the undercover operative out alive, while still making the entire thing look like a bank heist so the mafia isn't suspicious that something else went on! This is a complex mission, especially because the characters will not be able to bring any weapons or armor with them—they have to pass bank security and be convincing civilians! The characters had to use their wits and craft weapons and other items from simple items that were found around the bank. There was definitely some MacGyver and Michael Westen influence in this one!

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