Friday, December 11, 2015

Sci-Fi's Big Comeback (part 5)

A very influential factor in the success of sci-fi has been the large advance seen in movie-making technology. If you can imagine it, these days, it can be done with the right special-effects equipment and crew. We are seeing a new age in movie-making, where the limitless storytelling once thought only possible in novels is now being made a visual reality through special-effects on the big screen. Even independent movie shorts released on the internet have impressive quality, proving that the cheaper and more available effects technology becomes, the more the entire movie-making industry is propelled forward. Sci-fi TV series in recent years have far more impressive special effects and higher production values than big-budget sci-fi movies did only a couple decades ago. We are seeing a new age in sci-fi, where hi-quality digital films can be privately made, stored, and edited without the need for expensive, specialized editing equipment—we can do it all at home, on a single computer, and then put it online for anyone to see! Sci-fi is truly in a period of Renaissance!

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