Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Character Profile (part 3)

Another interesting character on team Novaburn is Ithek'ch'kar, a Chiraktis warrior drone that failed to follow the Queen's orders. Ithek had once worked for a wealthy Krissethi as a highly paid investor, but when the order from the Hive came down for him to assassinate his boss, Ithek chose not to. He knew the consequences of his disobedience—it was only a matter of time before the Queen sent “collectors” to have him removed from society, but he hoped that somehow his lifestyle could continue without notice. When two new Chiraktis were suddenly hired at his boss's firm, Ithek knew it was time to run, but the two assassins showed up at his apartment before he could escape. Ithek managed to kill them both, accepting the truth that he would always have to live life on the run. The Union Guard placed him in their employ under witness protection, and Ithek is happy to serve his protectors. However, he still looks over his shoulder frequently, knowing that the Queen will not forget. Ithek is trained in the martial arts and has the Snapping Thrust, Bullrush, and Strike the Weak Point talents. His spike gauntlets are always equipped, and he carries a Phoenix Pistol, a Toxic Marauder (he stole it from one of the assassins), a GA-2 mini grenade and a Chiraktis stink bomb.

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