Thursday, December 17, 2015

Character Profile (part 4)

The Erwani on team Novaburn, Seshayan Hawsrilla, became convinced by military recruiters that he could pay his way through medical school by joining the military. Seshayan became quite despondent, however, when the military stationed him on a remote moon colony with very few opportunities for medical advancement. Seshayan was very angry that the military had lied to him, but another Erwani recruit, Eenthashuul, convinced him to try to make the best of the next three years and learn other skills during his service. Seshayan took his advice and began to thrive in his role in anti-terrorist operations where he learned to use cyberweapons—remote drones that could attack enemies from a distance. After excelling at battlefield combat and rescue operations where his medical skills became crucial to his team's survival, Eenthashuul revealed that he had ties to the Union Guard, and recommended Seshayan for service. Seshayan seized the opportunity. The talents he has learned in the military and UG are reflected in his profile: Patch Together, Combat Medic, and Sidestep. Seshayan uses a Prowl Blade cyberweapon, a Net-Gun, and an Erwani Thorn Pistol with poisoned thorn bullets, in addition to carrying a G-pulse grenade and an EMP/Flash Grenade.

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