Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Character Profile (part 2)

Today's character profile is the Krissethi sniper from team Novaburn, Kushan Sarukth. Kushan went to a planet on a hunting expedition with his three brothers, but met with disaster when a predator caught and began mauling his brothers. Kushan tried killing it from his sniping perch, but the creature wouldn't go down, so he used his three remaining bullets to end his brothers' suffering. After Kushan returned home to explain the tragedy, his father immediately flew him back to the planet, insisting he should never let a target escape alive, especially one that had killed a fellow hunter. His father told him to kill the creature or die trying. Kushan did finally track it down, and realized he had already wounded it so severely that he probably could have killed it with the bullets he had used on his brothers instead. Returning home, Kushan was hailed as a hero for killing the predator, but he felt deep shame and resolved to never turn his back on his team. This backstory is reflected in Kushan's talent choices, which include: Conceal Location, Keen Observer, and Patterned Timing. He carries with him an R-44 sniper rifle, a Krissethi dark laser pistol, a stealth blade, a bola, tear gas and a smoke grenades.

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