Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sci-Fi's Big Comeback (part 4)

Another possible factor in the rise of sci-fi popularity is how it reflects contemporary society. Some of the sci-fi stories told in the 70's and 80's are now no longer fiction, so it is no wonder that we sometimes find ourselves intrigued by a sci-fi writer's vision of the future—maybe the author is right? Other reasons behind the genre's popularity surge include our fascination with technology, our concerns about the future, and a renewed interest in space travel and the universe beyond our own solar system. It is also notable that we are seeing the genre influence our reality—high-tech devices from sci-fi movies and TV shows have inspired people to create those very devices! Re-usable rockets performing vertical landings sounds like an idea conceived in a Jules Verne novel, but Space X has recently achieved this, bringing a visionary's idea into reality. Sci-fi is becoming a part of our every-day lives, and we are within reach of achieving commercial visits to space, or even a colony on Mars. These all seemed like impossibilities only a generation ago.

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