Monday, December 14, 2015

Character Profile (part 1)

This week I'll be looking at a few characters from the Novaburn Character Pack, starting with Cora Westfall, the human female on the team. Cora grew up on the frontier—a colony world that she longed to escape. During her time there, she learned to fire a gun at an early age, and also became quite skilled using her father's whip, though she has a scar on her neck to prove that she was not an immediate prodigy. She quickly learned that her beauty was both a curse and an advantage over others, and found that she could manipulate most men to get what she wanted. This backstory is reflected in Cora's talent choices, which include: Thrust Kick, Convincing Lie, and Dirty Fighting. She wears spiked boots, carries with her a defender revolver, and is ready to use her monofilament whip when things get up- close and serious. She also carries a G-pulse grenade to knock down her foes, in addition to a smoke grenade if she needs to make a quick escape when things aren't going her way.

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