Friday, October 16, 2015

Single Multiplayer Video Games (part 5)

Developers need to consider all types of players, and when on a budget, it's understandably difficult to accommodate each type. Personally, I think it is a poor decision to exclude single-player offerings from any video game. From a business perspective, it seems questionable as to whether excluding single-players will justify avoiding the financial investment in developing a single-player campaign. In other words, if only 30% of the players that buy the game are completing the single-player campaign, would sales to that 30% compensate for the investment in the development of the single-player portion of the game? My concern is that, if developers continue on this path, the current drive towards multiplayer-only content may alienate those of us who aren't interested in the online social aspect of video games. However, maybe the developers are right—perhaps I'm part of a continually dwindling minority of gamers that prefers the solo experience. What do you think?

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