Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Single Multiplayer Video Games (part 3)

I'll be the first to admit—I'm not a social online video-gamer. Obviously with Solar Echoes, I quite enjoy social gaming when it comes to tabletop RPG's, but when I sit down on my couch at night after a hard day at work, I really don't want to interact with anyone. However, I quite enjoy playing multiiplayer video games when I have friends or family to sit on the couch with for a game. Lately, though, it has been nearly impossible to find what are called “local” multiplayer games—everything is shifting towards online play. I understand this to a degree—I played “Destiny” last fall and spring quite a bit, and made a few online “friends” through the experience. However, the approach to Destiny was a bit different than most multiplayer games out there, as it was designed to require cooperation after a certain stage in the game, while most multiplayer games are designed to support a number of players competing for similar goals.

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