Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Krissethi vs. Archaeloid Combat (part 3)

The Krissethi decides to spend his Movement phase aiming at the Archaeloid to give him a +1 bonus to hit the heavily-armored alien. The Archaeloid walks forward, not seeing the Krissethi at first, but when he finishes his movement, the Krissethi is in his line of sight to the right. During the Action phase, both attack simultaneously—there is no turn order in Solar Echoes because all attacks resolve together. The Krissethi fires his Erwani thorn pistol, a weapon preferred by assassins because of its ability to deliver toxins to the target. At the same time, the Archaeloid fires his Urban Warrior pistol at the Krissethi, who is now in full view. The Krissethi uses his Reaction, which may interrupt any move or action but may only be used once per round. The Krissethi's reaction is to Dive for Cover, which gives him a +1 bonus to his Ranged Dodge as he dives for an adjacent square, the only downside being that he ends up prone in that square. The Archaeloid also uses his Reaction, but he has a slightly better version of Dive for Cover—a talent he selected called Sidestep. The Archaeloid also moves one square and gains a +1 bonus to Ranged Dodge, but he stays on his feet instead of ending up prone. Find out tomorrow who gets hit by an attack and who manages to dodge!

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