Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Krissethi vs. Archaeloid Combat (part 2)

We find our two combatants facing off in a warehouse, with only a few scattered shipping crates to use for cover. The Archaeloid is on the side of the law, and he prefers a straight-forward fight, but the Krissethi smuggler knows better than to take the powerful Archaeloid on directly and has positioned himself behind some cover. As the Archaeloid angrily prowls the warehouse searching for the Krissethi, he must make an Awareness check vs. the Krissethi's Stealth in order to see the skulking reptile. As the Archaeloid nears, the Krissethi is positioned behind a crate well enough that he has 3 points of cover (meaning that out of any line drawn from the corners of the Archaeloid's square, only 1 out of the 4 can be drawn directly to the Krissethi without passing through the crate.) In Solar Echoes, you can't stealth in plain sight--the Krissethi could not have made a Stealth check if he didn't have at least 3 points of cover, though he could also stealth if he was in darkness, smoke, or otherwise be completely out of the Archaeloid's line of sight.

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