Monday, October 5, 2015

Krissethi vs. Archaeloid Combat (part 1)

Just what is going on under the hood in the Solar Echoes combat system? The game moves fast, but there are a few quick calculations conducted to measure skill and chance. Each alien race has its own set of attributes, which determine the number of dice you can roll when attempting a skill check. You may only consider the roll of the highest die, but the more dice you roll, the better your chances of rolling high. After the roll, you may then add in any skill ranks you have invested in the relevant skill, the limit of skill ranks being the current level of your character. It sounds like a lot, and when written out it looks a little busy, but the simplicity and speed of this system keeps the Solar Echoes combat engine running fast. This week, we'll take a glance at some combat between two characters as we lead up to a short video showing their combat. Who will win? Place your bets now!


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