Thursday, July 13, 2017

Shoreleave Battle Report (part 4)

Meanwhile, two of the gang escaped in their cars while the Chiraktis and the Reln hopped into the car and sped after them. The team's Omul had spotted their target—a Reln arms dealer—hiding in the warehouse office, and she bluffed from the door about how he was surrounded. She stole over to the fallen Krissethi and healed him back to critically wounded, and the Krissethi blind-fired his pistol through the office window into the room to scare the Reln inside into submission. When the two finally broke into the office to find the unarmed Reln, he realized too late that the Krissethi had been faking his condition and that he was almost at death's door. Interrogations ensued, and the two finally broke the Reln's resistance. Meanwhile, the other half of the team took out one of the gang members in the car chase by using a vehicle-mounted rotary cannon to slow it down, finally finishing off the driver with a drive-by shot from a handgun. Unfortunately, though, the gang member in the other car dropped magnetic caltrops which worked their destruction enough on the team's anti-grav system to finally bring their car crashing down into the pavement. Their mission was a partial success and everyone survived, though barely!

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