Monday, July 10, 2017

Shoreleave Battle Report (part 1)

This last weekend at the Shoreleave convention was a lot of fun, and I logged over 20 hours of Solar Echoes games! It was really great seeing some returning players from last year, and it was also a lot of fun meeting new players. The games were very dynamic and full of personality, and the first game I ran on Saturday was a large team of 8 players! It was a very interesting mix of alien races, too, including representatives from every race except the Krissethi. Ironically, they discovered that the mission I was running--the brand-new Operation: Void Hunter—takes place on a Krissethi planet, Sa'mesh. The mission includes a lot of role-playing, gambling opportunities, shopping, NPC interaction and investigation. The group spent about 3 hours on those activities alone, trying out the various gambling games to earn (and lose) some money, including a dice game I invented that involved sets of colored dice—the Krissethi NPC's didn't seem to care that the colorblind Reln and Omul races couldn't play their game. Some characters decided to visit a weapon-smith who was able to combine features of weapons. Players were borrowing money from each other to try to afford some of the options available, and then when it came time to venture into the deadly forests of planet Sa'mesh for their mission, they could barely afford to hire hunter guides to lead the way to their destination.

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