Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Shoreleave Battle Report (part 2)

You know you're at a science-fiction convention when you walk up to the hotel and see a Cylon Raider sitting out front! I love these sci-fi cons, and someday I'd like to experience all the events they have to offer. But, back to our program: Our first Solar Echoes team finally decided to hire some Krissethi NPC hunters as guides into the forests of Sa'mesh, because they learned something about the coordinates they had for the location of the mysterious starship—the area was the hunting ground of an alien lifeform called a Green Jegu. If the rumors were correct, this giant reptilian creature was going to be far more than they could handle. Half of the group was convinced they could kill it, while the others—those that had done a little research and talked to a few locals—they believed their weapons would do little more than irritate the creature. The team ventured into the forest and fought off a variety of local denizens, including the spiny, whiptailed “Snapwhippers” and the blood-sucking, poisonous Mokaru. A few of them also encountered an adorable, furry little creature waddling around, and one of the characters failed her Discern Motive check against it, becoming convinced that it was someone's lost pet. She role-played the situation well and, long story short, let's just say that the fact that she had to leave the game for another convention event reflected why her character was no longer with the team. Note to all interstellar explorers: avoid cute fuzzy creatures on Sa'mesh!

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