Friday, July 14, 2017

ShoreLeave 39: Beyond Solar Echoes

There were a lot of other cool things going on at the ShoreLeave convention that I missed, since I was busy running games all weekend in the game room. At the convention, a lot of sci-fi actors and actresses from various TV shows and movies were signing and having pictures taken with convention attendees. One of the guys that gamed with me Saturday evening stopped by on Sunday to tell me about a cool experience he'd had. He showed me a sculpture he had crafted himself--years ago in 9th grade--of the Klingon, Lieutenant Worf, from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He had built it himself with plaster and painted it to look like Worf. He brought it to the convention where the actor, Michael Dorn, was signing autographs, and he signed the sculpture of his Star Trek character. How cool is that? What a great experience!


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