Monday, July 3, 2017

Getting Published (part 1)

I've written a sci-fi novel based on the Solar Echoes universe, so now I'm looking for possible representation. I decided to try to find a publisher instead of self-publishing through Corefun Studios because I'm hoping to have a wider reach than I'd be able to achieve on my own. Statistics show that self-published books tend to reach only a couple hundred people. Publishers have established connections and marketing resources that I don't, and since my only means of spreading the word has been through social media and convention attendance, it is true that I've not been able to reach more than several hundred people. However, finding a publisher is not easy--very few publishers even allow for a direct approach these days. Most publishers work through agents, and because agents now have to sift through piles of submissions to find a solid prospect, appealing to an agent is even more challenging. What does it take to find an agent, send a submission, and eventually get published? It's a long series of steps. I'm not there yet, but since I have some experience at it, I'll share a few details of the process in case you've been hoping to get published, too.

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