Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Shoreleave Battle Report (part 3)

A new group of players wanted to try Solar Echoes, so I prepared the demo, Operation: Flashstrike. The group tried to approach the warehouse stealthily, but the patrolling security drone eventually noticed the Reln in the group when he failed his stealth check. The robot gave him a verbal warning, and while he was retreating the rest of the group tried to distract the robot and then sneak past it. Unfortunately, the distraction didn't work and the robot resumed its patrol, spotting the group of characters hiding behind a crate. Combat began, and the robot was overwhelmed by the team's focused fire. The team did not have a hacker among them to crack electronic security, so three of them opted to enter the aluminum air ducts. It wasn't long before one of them failed a stealth check, and the gang below decided to fire at the air ducts for target practice. When the characters and tear gas grenades began jumping out of the air ducts, the gang ran for their cars, only to be surprised by the team's Chiraktis dropping down from above, right onto their car. The Krissethi character had already taken damage from failing his Athletics check when dropping down from the air duct, and was then unfortunately hit by a gangster with his automatic rifle. The Krissethi went down, surviving only because he stabilized himself with his hero point—he was no longer bleeding out, but still unconscious...

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