Monday, June 12, 2017

VR Analysis Update

Some of you may remember my review of Sony's Virtual Reality system, the PSVR, when it released back in the fall. I haven't said anything about VR since then, mostly because of the games that released for it a few months after the big titles. A lot of indie developers were, in my opinion, trying to make a quick buck off of the early adopters of PSVR, putting out poorly designed games, if some of them could even be called "games." These early releases were over-priced and under-par in quality. Many people worried that PSVR was not going to see significant developer support, and hesitated to buy the device. Many developers watched and waited--they weren't willing to invest in game development for what might be an under-adopted device. Despite some hiccups along the way, though,I think PSVR has finally arrived...

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