Monday, June 26, 2017

How do you like to play your RPG's? (part 1)

The new Solar Echoes mission, Operation: Void Runner, released on this weekend, and I've been looking back, thinking about the kind of game it is. A variety of RPG play styles exist among gaming groups, and from all the games I've run as a GM for so many different types of people, I've found that it's necessary to adjust for each group. At conventions, I need to pick the mission that best fits the group I'm gaming with, and this often involves a little guess work and some intuitive personality analysis. The biggest hint for me is watching people go through the process of building their characters together. Sometimes a new group of players just wants to jump in and start the game, so pre-made characters are quickly selected. This tells me that I need to run a mission that is faster moving with lots of action scenarios. The free demo, Operation: Flash Strike, is a great mission to run with players like this. However, when players take the time to carefully consider and build their characters, working together to make sure all skills are covered across the group, it becomes clear that I have a group that likes to plan every detail. A tactical mission is a good choice for a group like this, but I need to look deeper: some players are much more into role-playing than combat. If the players choose personalities and physiques for their characters that emphasize a theme or story, and if they choose talents that aren't combat-oriented, then I need to run a mission that focuses more on character encounters, dialogue, and intrigue.

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