Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How do you like to play your RPG's? (part 2)

Earlier this year, I met for a few weekends to run Solar Echoes with a group that really wasn't interested in combat. I decided to use the Tarball Run mission, which involves a complex investigation to locate a target among a wide variety of starship racing teams. All the characters had to go on was a name and the fact that the racer had won the previous race. Nobody knew what he looked like, and no one was even certain what alien race he was. The mission was very involved and spanned a couple game sessions, but this group of players enjoyed the story and character interaction--they almost went out of their way to avoid combat! Knowing the type of mission a group will enjoy most is key to your players having a great time. As a mission-writer for Solar Echoes, though, I need to consider all this so that I can hopefully create something that is fun for everybody!

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