Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How do you like to play your RPG's? (part 3)

With the latest mission, Operation: Void Hunter, I'm trying a few new things. The biggest difference between Void Hunter and previous missions is that this mission is the beginning of a larger story arc. It can still be played as a stand-alone mission--nothing is left unresolved at the end. However, there is a special section at the end for the MC that gives details about how the ending can play into a future story line. I haven't written the next mission yet, and it will probably be a couple months before I get to it, but if your players are the type that are interested in a larger campaign, then playing a few beginning level missions will level them up and prepare them for Void Hunter, a level 3 mission. By level 3, players will hopefully have the talents, skills, and equipment necessary to take on this challenging experience.

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