Thursday, June 29, 2017

How do you like to play your RPG's? (part 4/4)

Another new approach I'll be taking with future missions is based on some of the things I decided to include in Void Hunter. Some of the earlier missions involved moving from event 1 to 2 to 3 without downtime for the characters. In Void Hunter, I decided to "flesh out" a location or two with things players can either get involved with or just pass by if they're in a hurry. For instance, there is a bar/lounge area in the Void Hunter mission, and if characters want to spend time investigating, they'll find that some of the NPC's are more interested in gambling with them than answering questions. If the characters play a few games and develop a social relationship with some of the NPC's, they might open up to them a little and share some info. There are also a few places to shop, and possibly improve weapons in ways that aren't normally available. Yet there are still plenty of combat situations in the mission, too. I'm trying to accommodate all play styles in each mission now, and will leave it more up to the MC to decide what he is going to emphasize for his group of players.

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