Wednesday, June 14, 2017

VR Analysis Update (part 3)

Another major concern that you may have heard talked about is the nausea factor. I'll be totally honest: Yes, it is an issue. Several of the VR games I've played have made me nauseous, because there is a disconnect your brain experiences when your eyes tell it that you're moving but your body is not in motion. It depends on the game and each individual. Some people have no problems, but others have immediate reactions. One thing developers are doing to address this issue is they are increasing the frame-rate. This helps--Sony has been putting out suggested parameters for developers to adhere to, in order to reduce or eliminate dizziness and nausea. Another approach that has worked is including graphics on the perimeter of your view that are stationary, to sort-of "ground" you in a stationary spot, even if the rest of the screen is in motion. However, there is one solution a lot of developers are using that I don't like: point and click teleportation...

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