Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Future for Hollywood Actors (4/4)

One thing that seems a likely future for acting is that actors will begin to license out their image and voice. James Earl Jones, the voice behind Darth Vader in Star Wars, has not indicated yet whether he has made plans for the use of his voice posthumously. But, the technology is able to entirely replicate any actor's voice long after they are gone, though many think it's “not quite there yet” to sound as good as a real actor when re-purposing it for a new script. Some think it still sounds “a bit artificial,” but with steady advances in technology, in a few years it may be possible to make a computer speak like any actor it sampled. Visually, technology is obviously already there with CGI, so what further implications does this have for the acting profession itself? If today's actors and actresses start to see this as a way to leave a legacy to their family through licensing their image and voice for use after death, what will happen to future generations of actors? Will there be room for new favorites, or will some of the popular stars stay popular among future generations? And what if paying licensing fees and CGI costs becomes cheaper than hiring live actors? It most likely will be cheaper someday, and maybe even be easier for directors to “work with” (considering the temperamental behaviors of some in Hollywood!) In my opinion, it's a very good time to be an actor right now. Maybe not so much, though, for actors in future generations?

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