Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Art of GMing (2/5)

The first thing a good GM has to do is prepare, which is similar to all the pre-production necessary for a film. A GM has to have a good "script," whether it is a published adventure/mission or something he wrote himself. He needs to be really familiar with the story, the characters, and the sequence of events, because no player wants to sit around at the table and wait for the GM to read through things to figure out what is supposed to happen next. A good GM will have read through the adventure beforehand, most likely making notes to himself, highlighting or underlining important areas. He will also have player hand-outs ready, battle maps prepared, and even have a selection of props and other visual-aids to enhance the experience for players. Personally, I like using 3D-printed miniatures, hot-wheels cars, lego starships, and other fun toys for props when running Solar Echoes games. I even used to sculpt, bake, and paint clay figures of my own design for unique creature encounters!

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