Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Exploring new worlds (3/5)

Although this Explorer's Guide is designed from the perspective of the Solar Echoes universe, it is compatible with any scifi game system. I chose to focus this Explorer's Guide on a planet in Krissethi territory, a world known as "Sa'mesh." Imagine a giant nature preserve relatively undeveloped and unmarred by technology, filled with exotic alien lifeforms. You've only just begun to understand what Sa'mesh really is, though. Sa'mesh has the highest concentration of deadly alien lifeforms in the known universe, and it's not exactly the "preserve" you first thought it was--it's a commercialized hunting ground. Krissethi visit this planet to hunt, to compete, and to make a name for themselves. An entire industry has developed around these Krissethi hunters, and the ruling clans promote it shamelessly.

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