Friday, January 20, 2017

Exploring new worlds (5/5)

Art is expensive, and it takes more time than anything else. I like to put as much art as possible into products to help catalyze the imagination, so I've spent some time learning to use Photoshop. I always hire talented artists like John Fell to produce art for things I know I can't do myself, like the lifeforms and character art. For instance, I'm decent at sketching ideas (see the original Explorer's Pack lifeform art) but I don't have the level of skill to really give things that professional polish, nor am I capable at much of anything beyond black and white; I have no training in color theory. However, I have taught myself some tricks using Photoshop, and I talked with space-artist Matthew Hannum about planet art. Matthew did the art for the planets in the original Explorer's Pack. I may not be quite at his level yet, but I think you'll be surprised with how the planet and wilderness-scapes look in the upcoming Explorer's Guide. I also drew sketches for the two new weapons included in the Guide, and embellished some existing art as well (such as using John Fell's lifeform art and placing it in a forest, giving it some camouflage ability to blend in with surrounding trees.) I've colorized some black & white art from other artists, and used the map tiles designed by John Fell to help me start building a wilderness battle-map for the mission included with the Guide. I hope you feel that the Explorer's Guide is a big improvement over the original—I can't wait to hear your comments after its release!

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