Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Future for Hollywood Actors (2/4)

Currently, some actors in Hollywood are scrambling to their lawyers trying to prevent the use of their images in films after their death. After all, they no longer would have control if not legally protected, and they might be placed in films they never would have agreed to if given a choice. Some are specifically defining what they are opposed to in their contracts, such as a refusal to posthumous depictions associated with sex and violence or drugs and alcohol. The laws in California already grant heirs control over deceased actors' profits by requiring their permission for any use of their likeness, but is this enough? Licensing out an actor's image is currently being viewed with disdain and fear by a lot of actors, but this concept may an excellent way to benefit families long after the actor's death. For instance, if Disney wants to re-use Carrie Fisher's character in another Star Wars film, it will have to negotiate expensive fees with Fisher's estate. The Actors' Union SAG-AFTRA is currently trying to get all states to provide protections for the posthumous use of actor images. If they are successful, the cost to bring Princess Leia back to the screen could be even higher for Disney, much higher than what it might have paid Fisher's surviving family.

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