Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AI in Video Games (part 3)

Another example of AI changes in video games involves a game where a powerful AI program is dedicated to operating the game's antagonist. In Alien: Isolation, Developers at Creative Assembly designed a complex AI for the deadly alien that prowls a space station looking to devour the main character, Amanda Ripley. You play as Amanda and must improvise to survive while the AI program reacts and behaves differently every time you play, learning from every decision you make, hunting you relentlessly. The AI learns based upon your actions, and the adaptive AI will not be fooled by the same tactic twice. You are unable to survive a direct confrontation with the alien, so you must outwit the AI program that makes use of all the data it has gathered on you—the AI notes your patterns of behavior and the deductive alien will hunt you relentlessly. With AI becoming more and more advanced in games, developers may soon need to start toning down just how smart these programs are. Otherwise, games are likely to become too difficult to play and enjoy.

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