Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Advances for the Human Body in the Near Future (part 3)

Memory boosting chips have been the subject of a recent study run by DARPA, which has surgically implanted these microchips into the brains of several dozen people. Targeted shocks were delivered to the subjects' memory centers and it was found that test results for memory exams noticeably improved. These chips could potentially restore memory to people suffering from traumatic brain injuries or other neurological complications. Another program being run by DARPA is using similar chips to provide relief to patients suffering from PTSD and other neurological disorders. Yet another DARPA program, called RAM Replay, is aimed at improving memories of physical skills by imitating the brain's natural process of replaying these skills, similar to our brain's behavior during sleep. Though we are still far from the concept of learning new skills through data downloads (think of Neo in The Matrix), we will definitely be seeing more use of microchip cranial implants in the future!

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