Friday, September 4, 2015

Japanese Anime and Solar Echoes (part 5)

There are other anime series and movies that have inspired ideas which I have developed to fit in the Solar Echoes universe. Bodacious Space Pirates (seems to be a trend in silly anime titles—perhaps they are lost in translation?) focuses on a female high-school starship crew, and it has a surprisingly deep and high-quality overall design regarding the physics of space, military maneuvers, and electronic warfare. Anime movies have also had an impact upon me, and I particularly enjoyed the extremely impressive quality and deep storyline of Vexille, and the Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell movies. I also recently watched Harlock: Space Pirate, and not only was it of equally impressive quality, but the starship battles were nothing short of epic. I still try to keep a fairly steady diet of science-fiction in my life, and I find that it all keeps my mind turning over new ideas for future Solar Echoes content. Anime continues to inspire me, and I'm always excited seeing others sharing their creative visions of the future. I'd highly recommend giving anime a serious try—I'm sure glad I finally did!

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