Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What are your talents? (part 4)

Where would a team be without some engineering knowledge? Considering that the Solar Echoes universe is full of vehicles, robots, and all sorts of other contraptions, engineering is often vital for success on a mission. Engineering talents allow for a character to make quick repairs to armor or vehicles, scrounge up necessary parts, jury-rig vehicle systems to work temporarily, understand material properties and gain armor piercing against objects, and even boost the performance of weapons or starship systems. There are explosives talents, where a character can learn to build a variety of explosives, chain them together, conceal and disguise them, identify and disarm them, and even have the ability to create explosives out of common items. Another logic-related talent involves robotics, where a character can identify weaknesses, hack into robots, confuse or deactivate them, and even create your his robot servants, avatars, or even a horde of robotic minions!

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