Friday, January 1, 2016

Resourceful? (part 5)

This skill isn't magic—it doesn't solve all problems or enable players to do unreasonable things. Ultimately, it is up to the MC to decide if the player's suggested use of the skill will allow him to achieve what he intends. No amount of success in resourcefulness rolls will allow a player to figure out how to hack a military installation by fiddling with the wires of a guard's coffee maker, but perhaps those security cameras are on the same feed as the prison TV's? If a player has a great idea but doesn't have the resourcefulness skill to attempt a check, someone else on the team that does have it might bring that idea to fruition with a successful skill check. Basically, resourcefulness is putting the player's ideas into a skill check. There should be a chance for success and failure with most ideas in the game. Otherwise, the players will create the game-world as they go and argue with the MC about the way things “should be” if he disagrees. If you're an imaginative and creative player, I'd recommend dropping at least 1 point in resourcefulness for your character!

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