Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What are your talents? (part 2)

There are quite a number of talent categories to choose from. Solar Echoes of course involves combat, so there are a number of combat talents available, but being a Union Guard agent is not all about combat. There are talents tied to the Awareness skill which allow for a sharper eye, the ability to anticipate and avoid being surprised, the option to accurately target specific limbs when attacking, and even the ability to locate traps and see exploitable opportunities in patrol patterns. Biotech talents relate to protection and healing, availing options to shield the wounded and drag them to safety, or even the option to surgically install cyberware. Some biotech talents also relate to combat, with one allowing for the anatomical understanding of a particular race to yield better combat options when fighting that race, while another biotech talent enables the user to more effectively poison his weapons.

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