Friday, January 22, 2016

Artificial Gravity? (part 5)

The concept of artificial gravity has existed in science-fiction movies and shows as an affordable convenience to movie-studios hoping to avoid expensive zero-g special effects, and has been used as an explanation for gravity-environments in sci-fi long before those special effects options even existed (think of the original Star Trek or Star Wars.) We don't give it much thought, because we often assume that somehow, in the future, anti-gravity technology will exist. Even in Solar Echoes, all of our starships have an antigravity system, which exists in the game not to avoid realism, but to provide an added layer of challenge—these systems can be targeted by enemy ships, and a zero-g environment can be quite a disadvantage to a crew trying to fight off pirates boarding their starship. Artificial gravity is even a component of some weapons in Solar Echoes, with the potential to produce an anti-grav field to stick an opponent to the ceiling or fix him in place. Right now, the many uses of anti-gravity are fun to imagine, but we may soon see this sci-fi concept becoming part of our reality!

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