Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Our Future in 2045 (part 2)

One of DARPA's program managers—a neuroscientist who works in DARPA's Biological Technologies Office—believes we will someday be able to control things with our minds. Dr. Justin Sanchez is not talking about psychic powers or telekinesis, he's referring to brain implants that convert brain signals, allowing you to control your environment with your thoughts. You could control different aspects of your home with just a thought, or communicate with friends and family through your brain. We already have examples of this with current technology, with brain implants enabling control of a prosthetic arm or allowing people with memory loss to regain their memories. Imagine walking through your home with lights turning on and off at your whim, temperature adjusting appropriately if you're uncomfortable, and TV's displaying your favorite channel or website at a mere thought.

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