Monday, January 25, 2016

A Few Questions... (part 1)

This week I'll be posting some questions for you to consider, and though you don't need to answer here, it's always fun if we can have some feedback. So, here's the first question:

If you were stranded on an isolated world with only 1 other crew member, what Solar Echeos race would you prefer that other crew member to be, and why?
  1. The mollusk-like Archaeloids aren't particularly bright, but are loyal protectors and strong warriors that wear their hearts on their sleeves emotionally.
  2. The insectoid Chiraktis are also very strong warriors or workers—the workers are very intelligent but not so strong, and vice versa for the warriors—though Chiraktis tend not to be the most compassionate types.
  3. Erwani are plant-like and thus don't require food, only sunlight and soil, and they are very intelligent, though very weak and are poor fighters unless they have technology to rely on.
  4. The reptilian Krissethi are expert hunters, very stealthy, but they are quite competitive and of only average intelligence.
  5. The mysterious, humanoid Reln are highly intelligent and they excel in social situations, though they are only of average strength.
  6. Omuls are intelligent, amorphous creatures that can ooze and climb just about anywhere and are strong and stealthy fighters, but they are absolutely the worst in social situations.
  7. And of course, there are Humans, which are about average in everything but can excel in one or two areas almost as much as another race.

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