Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What are your talents? (part 3)

Other non-combat talents include the Discern-Motive and Disguise categories. Read-Between-the-Lines gives a bonus when making discern-motive checks to ascertain the truth during a dialogue encounter. Politician allows a player to re-roll a poor discern-motive check. Experienced Negotiator helps the user to avoid being surprised from an attack during a tense negotiation. Combat Opportunist, Study the Battlefield, and Warrior Sight enable the user to gain bonus dice for attacks, gain an extra Reaction per round, or gain a bonus to the Dodge roll in combat, all through the use of a sharply-honed Discern Motive skill. Disguise talents enable the user to give evasive answers, effectively mimic and impersonate a specific person, hide items or objects from view, and even play dead convincingly. Disguise is frequently useful during missions, allowing a character to hide one's true identity or intent. The longer a team can avoid combat and achieve mission objectives, the better chance there is for survival and mission success!

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