Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Writing Character-driven Stories (part 2/4)

When I set out to write about something happening in the Solar Echoes universe, I resign myself to admitting that no matter how unique I might feel my plot idea is, there is a very good chance I'm subconsciously drawing from other themes I've been exposed to in my life. It is also quite possible that an original idea I've had has been used before, without my knowledge--it's almost inevitable that someone will find a good comparison. For instance, I'd never seen or heard about the plot of the TV series, Babylon 5, but a friend of mine compared the "preserve the balance" theme in Solar Echoes to that show. Last year, I finally decided to watch the first season of Babylon 5, and he was right, there are definitely some similarities. Yet what makes Solar Echoes different is not only the variations in plot from Babylon 5, but the characters themselves. The personalities and cultures of the seven alien races in Solar Echoes shape and drive the story in a way that transcends a simple plot comparison.

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