Thursday, December 8, 2016

Drone Control

Drones are filling the sky at an impressive rate, but this has become a safety and privacy concern for many. Already, an incident occurred where a drone collided with a jet airliner near London's Heathrow Airport. Drones have also entered secure areas, such as the drone that crashed near the White House last year. Drone-control has been an issue tackled from a variety of angles, including the use of net guns, anti-drone drones, and even trained eagles that will fly in and destroy drones in the air. A company name SkySafe has developed a system to take unwanted drones out of the sky, remotely shutting them down with options to either safely land them or to simply bring them crashing down to the earth. This technology is certain to find its way into a number of places, such as sporting events and high-security areas. However, what is to prevent similar technology from being used against self-driving cars in the future? New technologies will of course be developed to compete against that, and rival technologies will rise up in response. At least one good thing can come of all this—there will be more tech job openings in the future!

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