Friday, July 10, 2015

Humanoid Robots, or Robotic Humans? (part 5)

I'm not sure which would be worse—humans eventually becoming robots, or robots becoming too human. What if these technological developments swing a different direction, and instead of humans improving themselves with robotics, robots are given human abilities like a sense of touch, a sense of pain, and even emotional capacity through advanced AI? Robots may replace our pre-occupation with smartphones and become surrogate conversation partners. The movie “Her” explores this possibility through an AI program that its user falls in love with. If such an AI were installed in a robot that looked and smelled like us, and was even able to tactilely touch and feel, we might see another challenge to what constitutes a marriage. Will robots someday be lobbying for equal rights? As robots become more and more human, the line will be pushed closer and closer until one day, our own creation might be governing us.

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