Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fast, Cinematic Car Chases (part 3)

One of the twists that can make a car chase more exciting is the variety of obstacles that may be encountered. A sharp turn, debris in the road, an off-ramp, heavy traffic, a pedestrian, and more can affect the piloting of all drivers involved in the chase. If you succeed at your piloting check against the obstacle, you will be able to evade it and maintain your speed, but if you fail, your piloting check will suffer a penalty and your opponent will have an easier time changing the distance between vehicles to his advantage. Sometimes obstacles can even be created—the nano-flak cannon can fire a cluster of nanites that spring up as a small barrier in the middle of the road. If the prey decides the predators are getting too close, he can shoot at nearby vehicles to potentially cause them to swerve or crash, creating a difficult obstacle for his pursuers to avoid while allowing him to widen the distance between them.

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